Special Weekly Worship Opportunities for Lent

During the season of Lent we will offer many invitations to gather with others for worship, meditation, and prayer. In addition to our Sunday gatherings, all of our special Lenten weekday offerings are at 7:00 pm.

Ash Wednesday Service: Wednesday, February 18

This service will include prayer, music, the imposition of ashes (for those who are comfortable with the practice), and holy communion.
Meeting place: Bergen UMC Sanctuary.

Wednesday Night Lenten Prayer Meetings: February 25 to March 25

Our prayer meetings follow a progression as we meet together to connect our hearts with God’s. We focus on God, respond from the heart, seek first the kingdom, and present our request. During Lent, the scriptures that guide our way in this time will be those that tell us of Jesus’ actions and words from the final days that lead to the cross.
Meeting place: Bergen UMC Prayer Chapel (on the west side of the sanctuary).

Maundy Thursday Service: Thursday, April 2 

This time of worship focuses specifically on the time directly before Jesus is arrested and put on trial. Communion is an important remembrance of the Last Supper, when Jesus first gave us the gift of inviting us to his table. This service is shared with the other churches here in Bergen. This year it is hosted at Bergen UMC.
Meeting place: Bergen UMC Sanctuary

Good Friday Service: April 3

This is one of the most important special worship services of the year. Without the cross of Jesus there would be no Easter resurrection. These are not easy events to remember, but speak powerfully to to love God has for us.
Meeting place: Bergen UMC Sanctuary