Congregational Meeting

As a part of our series, Together Strong, you will hear a lot about the importance of the support of everyone here at Bergen UMC for the ministry God has given us.  In one way or another we all realize the spiritual benefits of our church.  Worship, prayer, bible study, children/youth ministry, and fellowship, are all vital and important parts of who we are together.

While it might not be meaningful in the same way, participation in the practical affairs and administration of the church is ministry.  When we use our gifts and talents to help with the physical upkeep of the building, or with the Stewardship and Finance Team, or another one of our administrative teams, we contribute to everything that needs to happen for the ministry of Bergen United Methodist to be Together Strong.

This year has our congregation in a position to need to look at some important and serious issues around the ministry God has called us to do and the resources necessary to accomplish that work.  While our church has a committed group of spiritually discerning and wise leaders, we need to help the congregation as a whole have a deeper understanding of the resources needed for the ministry we are currently called to accomplish.  On Sunday, March 29, we will meet in the sanctuary to put our hearts before God in worship, share some of the nuts and bolts about financial realities,  talk about some of the gifts we need for our administrative teams, and invite input on participation from more people on the ministry that is before us.

There is sometimes confusion regarding our special meetings and who is able to attend.  This congregational meeting is for you.  This is not just a leaders meeting, or a time only for members, or for people that have been at the church for a certain length of time.  This congregational meeting is for any and everyone that considers Bergen United Methodist their church home and desires to see God continue to work in us in exciting ways.  We look forward to seeing you at 6:00 pm on March 29.

|Pastor Matthew|