Advent Reflections: Finding God in Unexpected Places—Hope For Misfits!

We encounter Jesus in unexpected places and people; Don’t let our bias in our hearts blind us to this truth. Matthew 1:1-6 (Jesus’ Genealogy) has several misfits included: prostitutes, adulterers, murderers, evil and corrupt leaders of state, along with very righteous people.

What is the genealogy in Matthew teaching us?

  • We’re all broken people – Whom God wants to heal and use to touch the lives of other broken in our world.
  • We’re all imperfect people – Whom God wants to bless and make whole and use to build his kingdom.
  • We’re all sin-filled people – Whom God wants to forgive and to be freed from our sin and use as his disciples to transform the world.

Matthew’s gospel message genealogy is full of hope, faith, and promise, because it’s for all people who seek Christ in earnestness: Those not seeking to simply become a follower of Jesus, but his disciple.

Faith is a conviction that God can…

Hope is the belief that God will…

Our hope lives in our faith—our faith is placed in our relationship with Jesus the Lord.

God shows up in unexpected people and places; Every person we lock eyes with is precious to God, and therefore, must be precious to us and loved by us.

Advent is a time for us to draw closer to Christ.

Advent is an opportunity for us to look at the baby and be wowed by miracles, and it’s also a time to look at the man and be wooed by the cross.

Advent is about preparation to receive Christ more fully in our lives, through our surrender. Great faith can only result from great surrender.

Two questions to consider this first week of Advent:

  1. What is God asking us to surrender, so we can truly trust him with everything in our lives?
  2. Are we open to discover God in unexpected people and places? Who are the misfits in our lives that we need to embrace in the love of Christ?

Jesus came to us with love in his eyes and a cross in his heart. This is why we have hope in expectant faith in Christ. Hope lives in our faith, and faith is found in the person of Jesus Christ. It’s an active hope; it’s an active faith.

|Pastor Dave|