Advent Reflections: Love

As week two of Advent winds down, consider these thoughts from Pastor Dave.

Our disappointments don’t define us…God does.

How do we find God in Unexpected place—even in our disappointments?

  • Many Christians have Circumstantial Faith; Our beliefs about God and our faith in God are impacted by what we see, by what we experience, by what people around us do or don’t do. This can only lead to disappointment with God, because people have invented their own god—often consumerism.
  • Disciples have a Foundational Faith; Faith based on trust in the person of Jesus the Christ. Faith based on a relationship—not a circumstance—and this faith will endure all things.
  • Why does God allow disappointments in our lives? To encourage us to trust Him so disappointments don’t rule our lives.; To trust in His Love, to become a witness for others, and to assure us that He’s in control.
  • What do you do with your disappointments? Do you run away or toward God and his love for you?

Advent is the time for discovering God in the unexpected—especially- in our disappointments.

Advent is a time when we look past the moment of circumstance.

Advent is about allowing our disappointments to become opportunities for Christ to reveal His Eternal Love for us, even through the unexpected, and even through disappointments.

Advent is about Foundational Faith—not our circumstances.