Advent Reflections: Joy

Finding God in Unexpected places – like in our faith!

Christianity can’t be about WHAT we know; it must be about WHO we know. It’s the difference between Circumstantial Faith and Foundational Faith.

What is you definition of Faith? Is it Biblical or imagined?

Faith isn’t a Force (like Star Wars). Faith isn’t Karma. Faith isn’t if we believe we receive stuff. Faith isn’t something that stands outside of God. Faith isn’t a formula to be followed (if we do this and that then God will …).

Our Joy is wrapped up only in one reality: Emmanuel–God is with us–and His name is Jesus the Lord, our Messiah. The bridge between Hope and Faith is the promise of God. That’s why we have joy; joy is not dependent on circumstance or situation but entirely on the promise of God: Jesus the Christ – Jesus the Lord – Jesus the Messiah.

Faith–simply defined–is confidence that God is who he says he is and that he will do everything he promised through Christ. This is the Biblical definition of faith.

Reflection from Pastor Dave