Greater Unity: New Worship Gathering Schedule

Greater Unity: Our New Sunday Morning Schedule

Jesus prays for the church in John 17, that we would be completely united so that the world may believe in Christ. It is inevitable for churches with multiple worship gatherings to begin to form separate identities and almost become their own church communities within a church. Many years of worshiping at three different times on Sunday mornings has been meaningful for what each of those worshiping communities meant for people, but made it difficult to form a common identity as a unified church community. Now as we worship at 9:15 and 11:00 we will also be making effort to connect Christ followers from each service on a more regular basis.

The middle part of our mission statement is “Together”. As in “Following Jesus Together”. There are many ways that we do this as a church community, but we invite everyone to more deeply experience and participate in our togetherness as we gather for worship each week. There is no program to make us feel closer with other Christians. We grow in our connection and togetherness with others when we open our hearts, step toward others, and share life together. By the grace of Jesus Christ, may we all look to join others more deeply as we worship together at Bergen UMC.

We’ll see you Sunday at 9:15 or 11:00!