Sharing Jesus with Others – Through the Opportunities He Gives Us

Pastor Dave’s Perspective

As we were pondering our Mission Statement and praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to how we (Cathy and I) could better live the mission: Following Jesus – Together – Sharing Him with Others – the “Sharing Him with Others” touched our hearts.

The Bergen Annual Garage Sale is rapidly approaching – July 9th – and we were thinking, “Great! A chance to pay down our charge card!” Then, as we prayed about our Mission Statement, we felt moved to donate all the proceeds to others. We have a lot of wants, but definitely no needs, because God has richly blessed us. There are others who have genuine needs. What a great gift and blessing we have in this particular opportunity to live out our Christian commitment.

We could buy diapers to help a mother who is overwhelmed by such costs; provide some meals to somebody who is in a tight situation financially; help a person with home or car repairs; pay for child care sitting so a couple can have a date night that seems so rare in their lives; donate a gift card for the church to help a person or family in need; purchase and deliver an air conditioner to someone who does not have such a luxury; buy clothing for a child or an adult in need of new clothing; buy some “handy person” time for a home owner whose requires yard work they themselves can no longer accomplish – and we’re certain that there are many more opportunities of which we are yet unaware. We’re trusting Christ will reveal where the need is so that we can partner with Him to serve others.

So, as “Garage Fever” comes upon us this summer, perhaps you will pray on what opportunity the Lord is presenting you in order to serve Him and His kingdom. Blessings!