Bergen UMC will be participating in a process our Annual Conference is offering called Hand to Plow.

This is a process not a program. What that means is that we will not go and be told to “do these four things and you will be a healthy and church.” Instead there are five sessions that people from our church will attend and nine sessions for our pastors.  We will learn more about how people are interacting, or not interacting, with the church in our culture, as well as principles and ideas for how our church can respond biblically and grow in our mission to Follow Jesus – Together – Sharing Him With Others.

In this process, it will be up to us to prayerfully consider this information and make decisions together about how God is calling us to respond. Over the course of 10 months, we will gather with other United Methodist Churches at Camp Asbury for worship, prayer, fellowship and learning. Sessions begin at 10am and conclude at 4pm. Between the sessions, the learning continues as we meet together, pastors and laity, to apply the learning in our community.

Read more about the retreats and the books.