UMCOR is the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  This is the part of the United Methodist connection that responds to various disasters when they happen around the world.  There are many amazing reasons to support relief efforts through them, here are just a few:

1) UMCOR is often one of the first few agencies on the ground in response to disasters, no matter where they happen.  Being in place helps them to begin immediate aid and to be able to do so in a way that is realistic about what is actually going on in that place.

2) UMCOR does much of its work along side of local people and agencies.  This continues to ensure that assistance meets the local needs, but it also supports the people who are doing the work at a time when they need it.

3) When you give to disaster relief through UMCOR, 100% of your donation aids the work for that relief.  Most organization use a portion of the funds people donate for over all administration.  Methodist support that part of UMCOR’s work through a special offering each year (One Great Hour of Sharing).  This means that UMCOR is one of the most efficient ways to give towards those in need if you are a Methodist or not.

The response to recent hurricanes will be ongoing for years.  At this point, the best thing we can do is to give financial resources.  You can always give during the offering in worship if you specifically designate hurricane relief, and we will send it to UMCOR’s United States Disaster Relief fund.  Or you can us the link here to donate on UMCOR’s secure website.  We are giving to this fund to allow UMCOR to make the decisions about the places they can best connect.  Given the reality of multiple big storms we want to support those trying to recover from these big storms.