Dave Washburn

I spent 35 years in public education and knew I was being called to formal ministry several times. It ís funny how God gives you the ticket for the trip and then is content for us to sit at the terminal waiting for the connecting flight! After a couple of years of discerning with mentors and classwork, I was assigned as a Local licensed Pastor at BUMC in April, 2013. It is a powerful blessing and privilege.

I am married to Cathy, who tends to be my sandpaper, smoothing my rough edges and grounding me in reality. We have three children, Todd, Brian, and VickieÖ all grown and quite independent. We have four grandchildren, Quinn, Charlotte, and the twins, Michael, and DominicÖ all quite independent as well!

I like photography, hiking, exploring geological areas of interest, journaling and writing, pizza and wings, and chocolate cake with peanutbutter frosting! Most of all, I love Jesus and the opportunity to be a disciple and witness, praying to have a servantís heart to serve his people, whom he loves so incredibly much!