We have many active small groups that meet year round.  All welcome newcomers!  Each group generally participates in church-wide studies (when happening) and otherwise chooses studies based on member interest (topical or scripture focused).   For current information on one of our specific groups, reach out to a member of that group or contact the church office.

Sunday Evening Youth Group – 6:00 PM at BUMC

Tuesday Morning Mixed Group – 10:00 AM at BUMC

Wednesday Evening Mixed Group – 6:30 PM at BUMC

Wednesday Evening Mixed Group – 7:00 PM at BUMC

(Wednesday night group meets for different series and studies,

check with church office about current offering)

Thursday Morning Women’s Group – 9:15 AM at BUMC

Friday Morning Men’s Group – 9:00 AM at BUMC

Friday Evening Mixed Group – 7:00 PM rotates member homes